Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabilitator's Association

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Dedicated to promoting communication, education, and professionalism in the field of wildlife rehabilitation.

WWRA Cage Building Scholarship

Maximum Amount $500.00


This scholarship benefits WWRA members and licensed, permitted or subpermitted (volunteer) rehabilitators through an opportunity to receive a cash scholarship for building, repairing, or renovating caging used exclusively for the rehabilitation of wildlife. 


WWRA’s goal is to help rehabilitators meet wildlife housing requirements as published in the Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation.


Along with the completed application form, the applicant must submit a plan including:

  • A description of the project and why it is needed
  • A materials list and an estimate of costs for the entire project
  • Species, including age and condition, to be housed in this particular cage
  • An explanation of how this cage will affect your rehabilitation
  • Copies of state and/or federal wildlife rehabilitation permits currently held and issued to the applicant or letter of recommendation from your sponsor and copies of their permits


Send requested information to:


Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

1660 East Shore Dr.

Green Bay, WI 54302


The scholarship recipient must submit a report to WWRA within 180 days of receiving funds showing how the money was used in accordance with the business plan accompanying the application, and must include pictures of the completed cage or repairs together with the receipts for materials, labor (if applicable), and all other expenses paid from scholarship funds.  If the project is not completed within 180 days from which funds are awarded, all funds must be returned to WWRA no later than the 180 days allotted.


The number of scholarships allotted each year will depend on available funds and will be distributed under the review of applications by WWRA board members.

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Education Grants
Available to
WWRA Members


Grants are available for WWRA members for continued education in the field of Wildlife Rehabilitation.

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Contact us at: wwra@wiwildlife.org
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