When a wild animal needs help,

´╗┐wildlife rehabilitators provide expert care.

WWRA is dedicated to supporting their work.

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Looking for a wildlife rehabilitator?

Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabilitators Association is a professional organization for wildlife rehabilitators, but WWRA itself does not provide rehabilitation services. We recommend using the Animal Help Now website to locate a licensed rehabilitation facility near you. Better yet, download and install the Animal Help Now smart phone app so that you can find help wherever you are – anyplace in the U.S.

Need some help deciding whether a rehabilitator is needed? Wondering what you should do while waiting for help? We’ve pulled together the best resources available to help you make humane decisions that will, in turn, reduce the number of animals in need of rehabilitative care.

Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabilitators Association serves licensed rehabilitators, those aspiring to become licensed, volunteers, veterinarians who work with, or are interested in working with wildlife, and anyone interested in the field of wildlife rehabilitation in Wisconsin.

Orphaned red fox admitted into rehabilitation. Photo credit: Wisconsin Humane Society

What is wildlife rehabilitation?

Wildlife rehabilitation is more than just providing care for wild animals. It is a field that requires significant and specialized knowledge and skill, as well as state and often federal licenses and permits depending on species. 

This work does not happen in isolation and requires a network and community to successfully complete. Thanks to the dedication of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, volunteers, veterinarians, and regulatory agencies – literally thousands of wild animals are provided with humane and ethical care each and every year in the state of Wisconsin.

Visit our What is wildlife rehabilitation? page to learn more about

  • how to find volunteer opportunities
  • ways veterinarians can help
  • the steps to take to become licensed

Who should join the Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabilitators Association?

Anyone who supports wildlife rehabilitation in Wisconsin!

Become part of our community of licensed rehabilitators, veterinarians, and volunteers. Join today!

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WWRA is a 501c3 organization dedicated to serving the wildlife rehabilitation community through annual education and networking conferences, educational workshops and training sessions, facilitating listening sessions with the WI DNR, hosting virtual roundtables and presentations for the membership, and offering education and resource grants to support wildlife rehabilitation in Wisconsin. WWRA activities are supported by annual membership fees, donations and grants.

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Like our new logo?

Now you can wear it!

WWRA T-shirts and hoodies are now available from Bonfire

Like our new logo?

Now you can wear it!

WWRA T-shirts and hoodies are now available from Bonfire